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Electronic Cigarette Outlet!
Kik Sticks is your #1 Electronic Cigarette Outlet! Kik Sticks is a factory direct company directed specifically toward smokers who want to "kick the habit" of tobacco cigarettes. Electronic Cigarettes have not yet been approved by the FDA but what we do know is that they do not contain harmful tars, carcinogens, (cancer causing agents) or charcoals that are associated with traditional cigarettes. Kik sticks offers a new revolutionary electronic cigarette that has been deemed the "healthier way to smoke."

Ego uOur Ego-U


The Ego u is becoming the most popular electronic cigarette in the United States. However, this particular device can appear a little intimidating to some people due to the high tech look of this Electronic Cigarette. Thats why Kik Sticks decided to place an instructional step by step page for potential users who can be educated on the proper use of the Ego U.

NOTE:  It is very important that you DO NOT overfill the unit!!...Located inside of the clearomizer is a metal cone shaped tip that is visible when the mouth piece is removed. If Eliquid enters this cone shaped chamber while filing or overfilling, this will cause a gurgling sound or cause Eliquid to back up into the mouthpiece during vaping. If this happens, Don't worry,  It will not keep the unit from being fully functional.

The Ego U comes fully charged - when you receive the Ego U, in order to activate it you will press the indicator light 5 times till it blinks - unscrew the mouthpiece tilt the unit to the side at a 45 degree angle to fill the CE4 clearomizer with e-liquid ...Place the tip of your eliquid bottle in the side of the unit squeeze gently until the unit starts to fill. Fill just up to the white plastic piece inside of the unit...

Place the mouthpiece back onto the unit...then press the indicator light and you are ready to If the unit gurgles or seems to leak eliquid from the clearomizer in the center of the unit unscrew the battery from the ce4 clearomizer and take a paper towel or tissue in a pointed form and work back and forth to clean the clears mixer and battery to soak up any eliquid that might be freestanding in the unit.

If you have any problems troubleshooting your NEW Ego U please contact kick sticks by emailing
No Carcinogens Or Harmful Tars - Variety Of Flavor - *No More Bad Breath Or Offensive Smells - Models For Beginners To Advanced - No More Waking Up With A Heavy Chest - *Up To 80% Cheaper Than Tobacco Cigarettes


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