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How does this work?

Since we are now living in the age of technology, someone eventually had to address the issue of the common cigarette which is quickly becoming the "not cool" thing to do. Not only is it becoming socially unacceptable in public, the health of the smoker and people around them is put at risk. Have you ever watched someone “smoke” one of these new E-Cigarettes? It can be a very fascinating experience at first. The devices can be very discrete, or very stylish. They can look like a pen, they can look like a bold fashion statement with fluorescent pink or corvette red, or they can look just like the real thing.

When a user “smokes” it, there are white puffs coming out of their nostrils just like the real thing, but there is no second-hand smoke: just flavored water vapor. When the user draws a breath, a colored light glows on the end of the device. When the user stops drawing in a breath, the device just stops. Nobody close at hand even smells anything, there is no second-hand smoke. A Kik Stick is a cigarette-sized tube, containing a battery and an atomizer cartridge that holds liquid. When the user draws in, a pressure-activated switch turns on a mini heating element and produces a vapor that looks like smoke. This vapor is essentially the same smoke commonly seen in nightclubs, concerts and theatres in fog generators when used for special effects. The vapor can also contain nicotine in doses regulated by the user, and a variety of flavors: among them chocolate, mint, tobacco, apple, and many others.  




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