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Q: Features of electronic cigarettes

A: An electronic cigarette consists of 4 major components: 1) Battery 2) atomizer 3) cartridge or clearomizer and 4) a mouth piece. The cartridge, a small plastic container with openings on each end, serves as both a liquid reservoir and mouthpiece. It allows the passage of liquid to the atomizer and vapor from the atomizer back to the user's mouth, without leaking liquid into the mouth. The Ego T has a cartridge and below this is a sponge to keep the liquid in place but it is also common to use a refillable tank also known as a clearomizer to carry the liquid with a separate tunnel connecting to the atomizer. Which is used with the Ego U. When the liquid is depleted, user can refill it or replace it with another pre-filled cartridge.

  • No Carcinogens Or Harmful Tars
  • Variety Of Flavor
  • No More Bad Breath Or Offensive Smells
  • Models For Beginners To Advanced
  • No More Waking Up With A Heavy Chest
  • Up To 80% Cheaper Than Tobacco Cigarettes

Q: What is the amount of smoke from an electronic cigarette?

A: The smoke of electronic cigarette directly relates to the feeling of smoker. Obviously, the lifespan of battery and cartridge, mainly means the capacity of battery, which is the using time of rechargeable battery and times. The lifespan of cartridge means the times of inhalation for each cartridge. At present, there are 2 kinds of cartridges, one is disposable, and the other is recycled. Certain amounts of nicotine can be added according to the customer’s requirements.
The concentrations of Nicotine in cartridge are as follows:

- Super concentration: 24mg

- High concentration: 16mg

 - Medium Nicotine: 11mg

 - Low Nicotine: 6mg

Troubleshooting the Ego U...

If you have any problems troubleshooting your NEW Ego U please contact kick sticks by emailing


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